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Dark Materials Drabble

Hello everyone. I'm new here. I'm not sure if I'm doing this correctly. I've been a fan of the Philip Pullman books since I was a little girl. Here's my contribution, although - it's about 50 words over the limit. Sorry, I tried to shorten it.


She remembers the road was coated in snow and ice and the only earth she could see was below the paw prints. Lyra can smell the blood of the bear, it's musky and it's scent is heavy in the cold air. She doesn't need to turn around to see his blood painted on the white snow, doesn't need to see his blood to know that he's bleeding. And Lyra thinks some of the blood might be hers because she dropped her handkerchief earlier. She's been coughing blood into it and Pan said that it looked like a painting of a butterfly; the blood spread out and fanned across the cloth. Pan says this to her, silently because he's too weak to speak. Lyra doesn't need to turn around to see the blood but she does and all she can see is white with drops of dark red and Lyra can't tell which ones are hers.
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