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a young Marisa Coulter, of course. ;)

She looked up at the stars, smiling at their brightness, at how they seemed to wink at her and say, hello. Though surely, they couldn't possibly be doing that. She was so small and insignificant compared to them, wrapped up in one of her father's faded cloaks for warmth. What business would they have with the dark haired girl sitting on a roof, gawking up at them?


She sighed, realizing this, and turned to her dæmon, but she didn't need to say anything. He knew exactly what she was thinking, and he became a kitten so he could settle on her lap and comfort her. She smiled again, softly scratching the back of his ears, and he purred. He looked at her and seemed to be smiling, and he nodded up at the sky, towards the stars.

"Someday, Marisa. Someday," he assured her, as she wrapped the cloak around both of them.
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